I’m the Spraffer

Mad Cat

Hi all, I’m a Dysfunctional Spraffer, possibly like you. I love writing, music, art, film and books. I’m a “creative”.  I’ve always thought that understating something or someone is the pinnacle of flatulence. Or is it flattery? I can never remember. Anyway, calling someone a “creative” is certainly generalizing them.

Generalisation is my enemy when it comes to describing anybody. I find that people are at their best when they feel independent, although that isn’t the same as feeling individual or isolated. Isolation is also my enemy, but my enemy when it comes to feelings. I believe in friends and family. They act as boards you can bounce off, and you act as a board for them in return.

I love exploring the world too! It’s my joy to do so both in terms of travelling and in researching and experimenting with ideas. For example, I love exploring the way reading makes you feel and operate afterwards (usually positively for me!), and how music can inspire you. The world has the potential to make people far happier than most realise.

Despite being a Spraffer I mostly write very orderly and sensible stuff, which will feature on this blog a lot as well. I write about books and films, and quirky concepts relating to them, which is a lot of fun however trying to generate more and more of these quirky concepts to discuss and write about is proving very straining. I would like to write about music – after all I’m studying music in Edinburgh.

Music, it has to be said, is the major part of my life. I play three instruments properly, others are more just for having a laugh. I love performing and listening to music – I do both regularly. For me, music is probably my preferred creative output of choice in my “unholy trinity” of creative output. Within this “unholy trinity” I have music-related stuff, art-related stuff and literature-related stuff.

Literature is my next favoured creative-output. I love to read, and I love to write equally as much if not more so! I managed to write 20,000+ words once, a couple of years back, however I’ve left that project for a bit to make way for another. It’s still very much a part-time thing however, but I get immense amounts of enjoyment out of it. I have several books on the go at once, which is the way it’s always been. Some of these include Truman Capote’s ‘In Cold Blood‘, as well as David Byrne’s ‘How Music Works‘ – both excellent books. Don’t question my taste – I have the fake, plastic belt-buckle to prove it’s acceptable.

Art is something I love as well, although it’s like a mental workout sometimes. I like exploring ideas, like I told you, and artwork presents the perfect opportunity to do so. More to the point, I love recreating stuff after I understand the points it’s trying to put across – hence why I like drawing and painting. I also like to write about art, and I’ve written essays on both contemporary and slightly older art and artists.

Anyway, I’m here on this blog to explore the world again, and you all are invited to come and join me along the way! I hope you enjoy my spraffing!


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