Daily Prompt: Progress


When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PROGRESS.

 Since I am very new to blogging (barely a week into it), I went investigating other blogs to see how their own journeys are going for them personally and how their blogs have evolved over whatever length of time they may have been running. I have to say it was a mixed set of results; a few blogs have been up a year or more, with a few hundred followers, yet the writer seems unhappy with some aspects of the blog, whether that be the writing part of it (they aren’t satisfied with the quality of their work) or the public side of it (they are satisfied with the number of hits they are getting).

I enjoy waking up every morning now, even if it is just to do the same thing every day, because I love writing with a passion! There is nothing more pleasing to do after you’ve woken up and had a nice morning than to go to your decrepid laptop and type for an hour on a certain topic. It makes it even easier with the Daily Prompts to just sit, relax and write on the subject given. I think that there is quite a large number of people who find it hard to maintain a certain level of consistency of quality of writing because they perhaps have set themselves too-constricting guidelines to what they write.

It is almost a certainty that I am one of these people, however this blog is my escape from strict guidelines – the only thing I have in my head that I won’t write (and don’t particularly want to!) is anything to do with politics, because I a) don’t have an express opinion on a lot of political situations and b) because I don’t really want to develop one for the time being either. Sitting on the fence, for me, is not a bad thing in politics because as I see it I will cause less pain and trouble to people both sides of an argument if I do.

So this blog is my writing spa effectively. I feel for these bloggers who feel stressed or disappointed somewhat with their blogs. So I have decided to help anyone who feels that way in the near future with a bunch of tips for maintaining quality of writing as well as maintaining the enjoyment and near bliss of writing. However that feeling is what I dread today –  that a year along, 2nd January 2015, I might be feeling down about how I write or that I don’t get enough hits. So that’s what I’m going to show you Daily Prompt – that in one year’s time I will still be enjoying writing as much as I am today, and that I will enjoy it the same amount, if not more, all year!

Writing is one of my greatest passions, and has been for as long as I can remember. It started out as a young me writing stories based on video games his older brother used to play, and now it’s me writing a sci-fi novel on politics of the future…So basically, I don’t want to spoil what I have, because I have in the past and, in all truth, it was deeply saddening – something I definitely don’t want to happen again.

I don’t mind what happens regarding hits, I don’t mind what happens regarding quality (too much!), but I want to feel happy and uplifted by what I write! Regarding the past times, that would also be Progress.


15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Progress

  1. I’m not unhappy with my blog, really, I just want it to grow more so I have a bigger base when I publish my writing. Also, I love the back and forth of comments and other bloggers and readers. Sure I want my blog to grow, but as far as being unhappy. Nope I’m not. People seem to enjoy what I write, but most important, I enjoy what I write. My problem is time. Not enough of. Thanks for the follow by the way. I appreciate it.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I understand where you’re coming from – constructing a base seems like a very good plan for future published writers. It’s a matter of patience too, like you’re demonstrating, and I hope everything goes well for you in the future! 🙂

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