The Blessing of a Cuppa and a Cookie

CookieSometimes the evening can be boring. Sometimes the evening requires a cookie…and possibly a cuppa. Cuppa tea, cuppa joe – whatever you fancy. My personal favourite beverage to accompany a cookie is coffee – good, strong, black coffee – however this particular evening we have run out of the delicious, nutty drink and I am having yet another cup of tea made from water boiled in a saucepan.

It’s quite funny actually, since we are on the subject of recent household disasters, our kitchen sink overflowed this evening due to a blockage, and the washing machine was on. The entire kitchen area (which is not the biggest in the world, let’s face it) flooded. We had to halt the washing and lay down all the dirty towels we had to soak up the liquid. The ordeal afterwards to rummage through cupboards to find a plunger was both exhausting and frustrating, as we realised there was no plunger to be found – we had put it in the rubbish a while back!

So after that we were all definitely ready for the cookies! Cookies are, for me at least, one of the symbols of childhood homes and family – you’d make cookies together as a family, watch them bake and eat the delicious project of the whole family’s (mostly parent’s) efforts and methods. Tonight, as you can see, we were not eating home-made cookies – at the very least the kitchen area was off-limits in our heads! One of our number ran over to the shop to get a small packet to share instead.

I think there’s an element, for those of us who enjoy and eat cookies, of nostalgia and reminiscing about the past years when you eat cookies. Isn’t there a Pixar-animated character, a raccoon, who adores and goes on about cookies? Yup – that would certainly be me! Although probably to a lesser extent; I really don’t go on about cookies that often. Maybe then I would be more of a ‘mad cookie lady’, like the cat-woman from the Simpsons (is that a Copyright breach?).

Anyhow, I think you can agree with me that there is at least a large cookie-loving community amongst the Peoples of the World. Just look at the picture – there’s a beautiful, rounded simplicity to a cookie. It wants to be eaten! Many a time have I tried to keep some cookies for a later date, however several if not all of us have the temptation just to reach into a cupboard and get even more out to eat! I laugh – maybe then is this a moral question?

Or is it the chemicals put inside shop-bought cookies? Maybe is that a moral question? Is it wrong to effectively drug the children eating the cookies?

There is a major confession needing to be made then – everyone is a child, and I most certainly am at the best of times.


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