Daily Prompt: Style Icon

Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us STYLE

You could say my style is casual. I’d describe it as comfortable. “My style is comfortable.“. Yup – that pretty much sums up everything about my style. However, so you don’t misinterpret that as ‘being lazy’ I shall describe it some more.

Often when people tell me their troubles, I will rank it on a scale of how much it’s worth bothering about. Despite this being a scale from 1-10 in my head, it always works out as everything being either a 1 or an 8. This means that I tell people either that problems x, y and z are ‘not worth the bother, just let it go and you’ll start to feel better – there’s no point stressing out over it’ or that the same problems are ‘really important – that needs to be put right straight away!’. Perhaps this is laziness, but as I see it, unless it’s important, it’s unimportant – or rather, “not worth stressing out over”. Or maybe it’s actually more a reflection on how I like to stay positive – I hate being surrounded in an environment where everyone gets stressed (sometimes quite understandably) and panics. That doesn’t work.

Perhaps a better example is the way I approach certain tasks. “Approach it comfortably.” doesn’t quite work in my head, but here’s what I mean.

I make sure I’m relaxed before I begin the task. This means tea, coffee, food, a quick half-hour read perhaps, just before I begin. I make sure the area I’m working in is comfortably warm, or that I am comfortably warm (for outside situations). This ensures that my fingers will move properly for starters – there is nothing worst for a musician for their fingers to be frozen so that they can’t move efficiently and without hurting. I also make sure that I’m not panicking before I start. If you start to panic about, for instance, how much you have to do in a certain amount of time, you won’t survive. I’ve found that it is always better to remain as calm as possible in any situation – your mind clears and you can think straight, not to mention your body won’t start shivering with nerves! The last main thing that I do is that I make sure I have one clear thing in my head that I want to get done. This is vital, as the first fifteen to twenty minutes of working are the most productive – make sure you know what needs done.

Alas, I must go – I have to get back! This is my style, one of the interpretations of. It turned into a bit of work advice, but it’s what I do and it’s helped me immensely. It’s my style.


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