Daily Prompt: Heroic

When you were five years old, who was your hero? What do you think of that person today?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a HERO.

I can barely remember the specifics of my life at five years of age. All I can remember was that I was so enclosed in my fantasy worlds with my brother and friends that I rarely talked about famous people and big names. It’s quite strange now to think about what I was like as a kid because now I can remember names of artists, of actors and actresses and of films and TV shows. But back then, these things didn’t matter nearly as much as my stories and games. That makes the only heroes I had the characters I created.

At five years of age, I think my favourite hero was my ‘water-mage’. I’ve talked about my friends and I playing and creating these worlds to play in, amongst the quiet and peaceful countryside. ‘Hero’ was my general term for ‘protagonist’. We all starred in our games as our own heroes, and I was a wizard who could manipulate water (if you want to read my previous Daily Prompt post where I explain this then click here). This power had always fascinated me. Playing at being this particular hero was my favourite, especially when we were at the river.

But the interesting thing is what I think of my ‘water-mage’ today. Inevitably, as you grow up, you lose interest in playing games. Reality kicks in. Your bubble bursts. Childish ways disperse to make way for ever more school work and big changes to your life. The key change for me was moving away from our village to attend another school. The city life hit me hard. I mixed in with a completely different group of kids. It was heart-breaking in truth. Today I am still as imaginative as I was at five years old, but, like most people, channel my creativity into more quiet things like stories and books, rather than shouting and dressing up as ‘The Wizard of the Sea’!

We all experience this uneasy feeling of change when we grow up. I think that uneasy feeling comes from all this change, all the different things you have to do. I wonder what the world would be like if we all still pretended at being our own ‘heroes’. Although I’ve grown out of playing at it now, I still kind of miss my wonderful role and my hero.


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