Let my Brain catch up

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Today I have a feeling that something strange might happen. Why? Because I’m in a very strange mood, and I’m being extremely regretful of a couple of things, but also thankful for others.

Firstly, something negative – not taking part in Zero to Hero! I should have really done it, and I know you can start whenever you want however I think that would defeat the purpose. The greatest thing that I think Zero to Hero would have done would have been to make some “blogging buddies” to write with, maybe do a couple of guest posts and get others to do the same on my blog. Oh well – I guess I will just have to do the same either by my own methods, or do so with the Zero to Hero methods, but unofficially. When I first thought about beginning this blog I had no idea what the community would be like. I thought it would be more of a situation where everyone keeps to themselves, but I was taken by surprise when I began to read other blogs and the comments and seeing the interaction between everyone – it’s wonderful!

Secondly, something positive – thanking all my readers! I need to say this because I had an amazing feeling of satisfaction when I woke up this morning and came down to my laptop. Yesterday, Sheri Edwards, who is taking part in Zero to Hero, commented on my Daily Prompt blog post for the previous day. As I understand, this was part of a Zero to Hero exercise to extend your blogging community. For those who aren’t taking part, the task was to “read many and comment on two others’ post from the previous day’s post on a writing prompt” and then a lot of people took to writing about their experience. Sheri Edwards wrote on her blog, pause2play.org, about the three blogs she commented on here.

Here is the part where I come in:

Next, I learned a new word: spraff: to talk a lot about nothing. That’s the blog I read: Incidents of a Dysfunctional Spraffer

I enjoyed the post and agree with your words. “Everyone has different reputations decided by different groups of people,” is so true. And I appreciate learning more about how your music and art are important to you, and part of how you share yourself. I like this line also: “Maybe people would get on with their lives slightly more efficiently if they weren’t worrying about reputations.” So your spraffing today revealed some gems for us to ponder!  Thanks!

She [he] said what I wanted to say — it’s so good to read other’s ideas because their twist of thought sometimes sparks your own, and their way of saying it helps clarify your own. It’s like a conversation in pauses; we learn from each other perhaps more readily because of that pause — that time to reflect that is perhaps deeper than face to face.

There is nothing more satisfying than to feel appreciated, so I thank Sheri for her kind words! Please go and support her by going over to her blog, pause 2 play. Thanks!


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