Out-and-About of Shape, with Schubert

I haven’t been for a run in weeks! If I don’t run, I start to feel very self-conscious about my weight as I don’t do any other exercise other than walking everywhere. I’m not fat – in fact I’m quite tall and skinny – however it’s just the whole self-confidence aspect that’s causing me problems right now. Unfortunately I don’t have suitable running shoes at the moment as my previous ones have lost the spring in the sole from use. It’s quite funny as most of my friends think I’m crazy in that I like running the most out of any kind of exercise or sport (although I love tennis as well).

I’m generally not a sporty person, mainly because I don’t like the competitive aspect of it. I hate conflict and disputes. Running, on the other hand, can easily be both, and I go running to free my mind and relax myself. When I go running with friends, it’s a nice time too, primarily because of the laughs we have as one of our number starts complaining about getting out of breath.

Recently I started swimming again, although I have bad knees sometimes which means that it’s painful to kick in the water repeatedly. I like swimming lengths on days when I can (i.e. when I don’t have knee pain); however because I’m out of practice I get tired more easily than I previously would. This may seem a stupid thing to be worried about but it’s had a knock-on effect on my confidence, because when I go swimming with my friends I see them zooming up and down the pool and it makes me feel so a) useless and b) unfit. However, I was initially confused about why this was as well, because I’ve got good stamina for running and I barely get out of breath. Confusing…

So, my two goals for these next couple of weeks are:

  1. Get new trainers for running – vital that I get back to running regularly to maintain my confidence, relaxed mood, concentration capacity and fitness
  2. Stop worrying in the mean time!

Now for the music part of the post…

On Saturday I have a long day of rehearsals, which are actually completely voluntary and have been made just within ourselves. I have a band rehearsal from 10am till 12pm, in a new rehearsal space which is exciting! Then, after half an hour for lunch, I have several hours of Schubert String Quintet with four friends!

Ah, Schubert String Quintet – how amazing you are! If you’re not familiar with the Schubert String Quintet in C Major, you can find it here. It is, in all seriousness, a fantastic piece, so please listen if you’re at all interested!

I was talking to one of my best friends today (she plays 2nd Violin in our Schubert Quintet), and how she found the 1st Violinist, Violist and 1st Cellist (not me – I’m playing 2nd in this particular quintet) overwhelming. She is the only lady in the quintet, and is also the second youngest (after me – the youngest), so I can understand how she could feel overwhelmed. It’s also because of the intensity of the dedication that these three guys have to the piece – it’s always in the forefront of their minds. For us two, the Schubert String Quintet is perfection, however we love it – we’re not obsessed with it.

Sometimes in Schubert rehearsals I too feel overwhelmed. The other three guys take the lead of each rehearsal, ultimately making a larger impact on the decisions we make as a group. I contribute often, and my cello tutor is also our chamber music tutor for the Schubert Quintet, so I have been taught in such a way that means that my teacher and I have similar tastes in style. This means that when she comes in to guide the rehearsal once a week, contributions I make tend to be what she ould say. Theoretically this should save us a lot of time, doing things that sound better in advance; however the three guys also have different natural tastes, which means that they won’t initially think of a different way of doing it, even if my suggestions may ultimately sound better.

Goals in the next couple of weeks regarding Schubert are:

  1. See what I can do to make 2nd Violin’s and my suggestions more influential within rehearsals
  2. Gain a mini-score of the whole piece, and go through it with possible interpretations

As always I hope you all have a nice evening!


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