All about me!

Hello people investigating this blog!

Mad Cat

I’m a Dysfunctional Spraffer, and for the purposes of this blog go under the same name. I enjoy music, art, film and literature. I also enjoy experiencing the world and investigating every ounce of it! This blog is going to be somewhere to collect and write about all my investigations into the world – and you’re very welcome to join me! I will be bringing up things for discussion a lot I’m sure, and will also be posting up pieces of writing and video links and things left behind in the wake of me, a creative-output machine.

As for more about me personally, I live in Edinburgh where I study music. I play three instruments and study hard when I can. Academic Music is no stranger to me either, neither is Composition or Performing. I like to paint and to draw, and I like to investigate art, especially the ideas surrounding it. I love to write about anything and everything! For me it’s a great thing to do and gives you a tremendous sense of achievement!

Anyways, stick around and I hope you enjoy the Incidents of a Dysfunctional Spraffer (that’s me!)!


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