Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NOW.

As I smell the first coffee of the morning I am reminded of the previous day and of every other day. I am in a routine. This is my life. The routine is the framework of my life. Without it, I don’t think that I can survive. The coffee is the pinnacle of the act of a routine. For me, it signifies everything in a morning – the morning headache, the aching limbs, the over-perfumed shower, the rushing about getting your stuff, hastily leaving the flat without your keys and have to knock to get back in. This is now.

With a coffee in hand as I write this, I smell the nutty aroma of the evil, black liquid that resides within my ‘KEEP CALM AND PLAY ON’ mug. When I drink coffee I relax, unlike some people who “get a high” off it. I don’t understand this idea. Sure – caffeine excites the brain (and whatever) but, for me at least, it’s refreshing.

Coffee in the morning is the morning for me. Some say it’s a bad habit to drink coffee, and indeed any kind of caffeine. I just think that it’s okay to drink some. It hasn’t done any harm so far. I recall someone saying “Coffee reduces your risk of getting Alzheimer’s”. However, with pressure on both sides of the argument, will I continue drinking my seemingly harmless and certainly irresistible coffee? What do I do now?

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Illness and ‘Home Blend’

Drat! I have been taken ill quite recently and have taken my third day off this week! I went back in yesterday and you forget how much work you have to catch up with after missing one day, let alone two (and now three!)!

I woke up at 6.45am this morning again, after having a night of restlessness and breaking out in sweats, and I realised that there is absolutely no point forcing yourself if you’re really ill – so I’m officially off for the day. However I did force myself to wake up at 9am just to make sure I don’t get out of the routine of waking up early. I just dread how much other work I’m going to have to catch up on! I will probably go in tomorrow on the beloved weekend to do so.

So I have to say that today has been quite nice – I have read some more of ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’ by John Kennedy Toole, as well as receiving a gift for all of us in the flat. This gift is a ceramic jar of Starbucks coffee grounds: ‘Medium/Moyenne, House Blend/Mélange Maison‘ as Starbucks put it. I have an unhealthy relationship with coffee. I know I do when I buy or receive a new brand of coffee grounds and smell them. Yes, that’s right. And now I don’t even think it’s for enjoying the smell, but for discerning whether it’s nice coffee or not! Trust me to be so ridiculous!

Now, what will I be doing today. Resting, reading, drawing, working, sleeping, drinking coffee, eating. Seems about the usual then. What really makes me sad however is that my cello isn’t in the flat so I can only play piano today! I wish I was as good at piano as cello, or even just a bit better. However today presents an opportunity for practising piano until my fingers bleed (instant reminder of Lex Luthor in ‘Smallville’). It’s just a shame that I live in a flat with people, because if I lived, say, in a field in the middle of nowhere, with no one, I could practise to death all night.

In the meanwhile, I will leave you with a piece of music that will cheer you up because it sounds so utterly ridiculous – a very fun piece indeed! It’s by French composer Darius Milhaud, and it’s called ‘Le boeuf sur le toit‘. I hope you find it entertaining!