Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BOOKS.

 A short one today. Sorry about another late post also – I couldn’t get on one any sooner!

I have often envisaged a very peculiar scenario whereby I pick up a book, open it and find a screen of the movie on the first page. This happens when I’m choosing a new book to read in my head when I’m in bed, just about to go to sleep. I remember the first time when this happened – it was prior to me reading ‘Carrie’s War’, because I had seen the film just before. I remember going, in my imagination, to the bookshop and picking up the book, opening it up and seeing the movie on the screen.

I have often thought that writing an autobiography would take you so long, and therefore you would need to start it early(ish). However this would deprive you of living your life in itself! That being said I have often thought my life and my friends lives would, collectively, make an excellent sitcom. This is where my imaginary movie screen-book comes in.

The blurb would read as so:

Deep in the shadows of 21st Century Edinburgh, the Spraffer (the gaffer, the faffer) is stressing out. As Christmas draws nigh like a vulture circling in on a carcass, he finds himself to be broke (the poor sod), despite his ‘revolutionary’ ideas on self-sufficiency, and must resort to working over Christmas. With the struggling battle against democracy, insensitivity and Copyright breach over the Christmas holiday, this Spraffer has to overcome his fear of real-life and become one with his inner intellectual property agent.

I’ve been reading far too much ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’…

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Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us YOU.

 I remain fairly unaware of my reputation regarding most areas of what I do. However, is that a bad thing? Maybe people would get on with their lives slightly more efficiently if they weren’t worrying about reputations. Sometimes I think people can be very harsh on people purely because of their reputation. I want to make clear to you that by making a very final decision about every person based on their reputation leaves no room for change, and most certainly does not encourage change.

Maybe that’s why I don’t particularly want to know what people think of me. I believe that forgiveness is the key to a better life experience, because in the end it relieves you of unnecessary amounts of worry and stress. Reputations aren’t bad on their own – people get by on a reputation sometimes – however I don’t like the idea that you make up your mind based completely on a reputation either.

Everyone has different reputations decided by different groups of people. For instance, my family know that I am extremely over-analytical, and my friends know that I worry a lot needlessly. When it comes to stuff like this, are reputations valuable? Will I be over-analytical all the time? In the end a reputation is a brand, and that’s why they cannot be depended on – people are not machines. Reputations are also based on the emotional response of a person. However that doesn’t mean reputations aren’t useful – if you’re in direct dealings with someone, often a reputation can give you some kind of idea of what to expect, perhaps even helping you protect yourself – giving yourself a little wall, a little distance between you and the other person, just in case.

However I don’t think I can publish this post without writing something about myself. After all, I have to show you me.

So, what about my own reputations? Well regarding blogging, I can only guess at what people think of me. I don’t think I even have a blogging reputation. If I do, please tell me – it would be interesting now that I’ve been writing on the blog for about a month!

Music-wise, I’ve generally got a positive reputation, and I’m known for my more spiritual connection with music, even though I’m not religious in the slightest. I’ve already written on this blog about how I use music as a means of communication, and that’s why I enjoy playing chamber music with friends, because I can ‘tell’ them things I wouldn’t dare speak just by playing music. Writing-wise, I’m known for being extremely over-the-top, and for having too many ideas at once. I’m known for being dedicated to what I write when I want to be. Apart from these things I genuinely have no idea about my reputation. But maybe that’s part of my reputation – the ignorance. Yup, that’s me.

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Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv

Robinson CrusoeWrite about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word of image.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us COLORS.

 When I read Roy G. Biv and then the colours of the rainbow, I immediately thought of one of the books set on an island in the middle of nowhere – Robinson Crusoe, etc. I think that the abbreviation, Roy G. Biv, sounds a bit like a name of a stranded Englishman in the middle of the sea.

The book I’m reading at the moment, after finishing two others this week of a very different genre, is the classic ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding, which tells the tale of a group of young boys stranded on an island after their plane crashes. Over time the boys turn from the children they once were, and realise just how childish they actually are, to “murderous savages”. Although this is the first time I’ve ever read this book (I know, some of you may gasp), and I’m only a handful of chapters into the book, I’m no stranger of this kind of story.

At primary school we would often be asked, as a creative writing exercise, to use the desert island scenario to practice describing things as best we could and as over-the-top as we could. This gave birth to some very funny passages with the overuse of words like ‘iridescent’ and phrases such as ‘a splendid array of fantastical colours’, or something like that. It’s quite funny that I should read the Daily Prompt in such a way that I associated Roy G. Biv with the desert island scenario, because you will almost certainly find plants, fruits and animals that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

After writing these funny descriptive passages, our teacher would ask us to then write a desert island story in the two hours of the next creative writing lesson. Naturally, these two-hour sessions were the highlights of my primary school experience. I was often that person who wrote twenty to thirty pages in my jotter, as opposed to others who would manage no more than ten. It was also the centre focus for bullies to pick away at funnily enough – nowadays I can see how the children (without sounding any more than protective of myself) lacking in the faith of their own abilities, which were often very fine indeed, tended to find comfort in then making sure everyone else also lacked faith in their own abilities to compensate.

My favourite story that I wrote, I seem to remember, was one about a hero (‘hero’ was my general term for the ‘protagonist’) who was striving to survive in a desert island jungle whilst searching for a mythical beast. I remember the drawings of this beast – this story was a passion of mine for months! It was a giant lion-man with big, emerald-green, exoskeletal wings like a dragonfly’s, and whose mane was made out of healthy, green and, strangely, blue or blue-green leaves. It had the same orange-yellow skin of a normal lion, however the areas around the shoulder blades, where the wings came out, were covered with the same colour of leaves. This lion-man also had dark purple-blue eyes (so for the sake of this post, let’s call that indigo), with a silver slit so that it looked feline.

However the most wonderful thing was about this story was that at night the giant lionman would look up at the moon and, as the moonlight struck his body, would metamorphose into a far more evil-looking creature of the night. This version of the lion man had more of a look of a panther, with black fur and silver eyes, and silver dragonfly wings, however there was no flesh on these wings – only the beautiful framework of the bones. The creature would stalk the forest and “protect it”, as I put it. The same transformation would recur in the daytime, so that the cycle could restart  – it would look towards the sunrise and, as the sunlight hit the skin this time, it would burn in a mystic flame of red, orange and yellow (I think this idea arose from the idea that to create, sometimes you must destroy, something I had read about around that time) and turn back into the slightly fonder if not strange-looking form of the day.

The creature eventually hunted down the hero in the ‘night form’, although several days later when the hero had investigated further, however the hero made peace with it by giving it a hug(!) – a very childish thing to write in I think!

It’s strange to be thinking about that story – I had almost forgotten it! In my head now it actually seems both colourful in terms of imagery, but also in terms of ideas. Something that was so close to my heart is also, perhaps, something I shouldn’t have forgotten about.

Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us THE BEST.

 Sorry about this being later than usual – we had a power surge that messed up some things and then I had to go out for another band rehearsal!

So where and when do I do my best thinking?

It has to be said, coffee or tea is often involved. Sometimes I cannot function properly without some kind of caffeine intake, something that I should fix sooner or later. I start to panic if I can’t concentrate properly, and I panic even more if I cannot perform or do anything properly either. The best time for me is probably in the evening, perhaps just after dinner, with a coffee and something else, maybe something sweet or maybe something palette cleansing depending on what I have had to eat. I can’t work or think properly if I have a particularly spicy taste left in my mouth from eating something chilli-packed.

Sometimes however, I work best when I’m rambling on to myself on my bed after I’ve finished reading. When I read I seem to build up to this massive surge of sustained creative (and often hilarious because it lacks coherency of any kind!) ramblings, or a ‘splurge’ as I put it. It just means I start muttering to myself quietly, bits at a time, bits of conversations I’m having in my head that slip out.

Now why do I think that is?

Well I think it’s simply because I am an extremely creative person, and I get it from my mother. I recall having a conversation with her when I was small about how my head was always full of ideas and was never empty (this was, later, to be the reason why I started writing far more stories in my childhood). She said she had always experienced the same thing, and had said that it was a great thing for writing stories and scripts. Indeed she was doing a screenwriting course at the time for her own interest, on top of her job. I think I have experienced a lot of what my mother has – I am very much, as you might say, ‘my mother’s son’. We differentiate on a lot of different levels, however when it comes to thought processes we are very similar most of the time.

I would love to know more people who experience this same thing – where you are constantly full of ideas and sometimes you just have to write them down to get them out of your head. It’s weird how much that reminds me of Sherlock Holmes in the recent BBC series. It actually pains me to think that I could be cutting off people because of my own thoughts. No – I couldn’t be that ‘cluttered in the head’, as someone said once. My mother and I are the only two people I know who have experienced this, admittedly, slighty strange way of thinking. The way to go though is when you can focus all those thoughts down onto paper, or channel them in some other way. That is the best.