Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Piano Playing

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What does “happiness” look like to you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HAPPY.

 This will be short and sweet.

I love the feeling of absolute elation! The buzz, the exhilaration! Often when I go to see friends who live in Glasgow, and who I don’t usually get to see, I get really excited over the course of the journey there. Once I was going to a party that one of these friends was holding. It was around Hallowe’en so it was a Hallowe’en-themed party, however I obviously wasn’t going to take the train in full costume. This was a shame however – there was a surprising amount of people in costume the same night who were also going to Hallowe’en parties. There was a very good Edward Scissor-hands, and there was a couple of zombies too.

Despite not knowing anyone other than the guy holding the party and his girlfriend, my costume went down a hit. I went as a 70s rock star, however I was repeatedly called to as the ‘stoner’. I was quite pleased with the costume, complete with a massive, curly, black wig and an unmatching ginger moustache (the one that’s now attached to my lamp). It reminded me how much joy it gives me to entertain people – my friend asked me to play piano to entertain his guests so, reluctantly, I played a piece that he knew how to play too – ‘Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum‘ by Debussy, which is a gorgeous piece it has to be said. Unfortunately this guy’s piano dates back to 1787, so he has to get it tuned lower to save the strings from breaking. This gave the piece a slightly darker feeling, but it was very enjoyable to play on still and I seemed to be entertaining all these people I had never met before.

Music, I have to say, probably gives me the most satisfaction, relief and happiness out of my ‘unholy trinity of creative output’. I once said in an audition after they had asked me “What is music to you?” that music is an emotional language, the only emotional language, and that gives me peace of mind at the worst and best of times. Nothing equates to the feeling of when I listen or play music when I’m feeling down – it’s utterly moving, often uplifting, and that makes me, to the uttermost extent, happy.