Daily Prompt: Linger

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

What a wonderfully relevant DP today! I was talking with the 1st Violinist in our Schubert Quintet today and our tutor had told him that we were to leave the first movement of the Schubert String Quintet and move onto the second movement which we want to also perform, rather daringly, from memory.

The second movement has possibly has the highest moment of harmonic and emotional ecstasy in the entire piece – quite amazing writing just as we already expect from playing the third and first movements. So here it is, or at least a part of it as the video does not cover all of the movement (if you’d like to listen to the rest either follow the instructions on the video or listen to other recordings):

In the second movement there is a moment of stillness, chords lingering in the air, creating atmosphere and tension. In music, atmosphere can often be created by lingering in still moments of the music. For example, in Jan Sandström’s ‘Det är en ros utsprungen‘, which I’ve shared on the blog before as it is one of my all time favourite pieces, the original music by Praetorius has been slowed down – it now lingers – and the soloists singing the words are accompanied by a humming chorus which, even when the chords of the soloists change, do not alter their chord for ages. This adds to all the atmosphere, and that’s why I really like the piece:

Sometimes there is a chord, or chord progression, with specific arrangements of parts and notes that make such moments utterly beautiful, creating a perfect atmosphere. Sometimes even the deathly silence that lingers after a huge, loud section of music is the most atmospheric. ‘Lingering’ in music is so important, especially for manipulating emotions of players and the audience. When there are such moments that you love you do wish that you could stay there forever, never running out of breath or bow, until the moment whereby it becomes too painful to carry on. It really shows how amazing music is in truth.

Before I end, I would just like to invite anyone interested in guest blogging on the blog to have a look at my Guest Blogging page – I would be very interested to hear from you! Thanks!

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Schubert Sick Leave – Competition Adventures

Lo – I have returned! Apologies for the absence of posts in the last couple of weeks. I always forget how busy March is every year. My excuse for not blogging is that I have had lots of concerts and rehearsals in the last fortnight. The only reason that I am blogging today is that I am at home, off sick, exhausted. Though all the concerts to do have not been done yet, I have until Monday until rehearsals get back into full swing, so this seemed like a good opportunity to catch up on rest and cure illnesses.

Last night our Schubert Quintet competed in a Chamber Music competition. We did the 3rd movement of the Schubert String Quintet in C Major – the Scherzo -, just a few hours after a few of us had competed in a Solo recital class. The leader of our Quintet won the recital class – he certainly deserved it as his musicality is fantastic and his technique is exquisite – and we all were very proud of him as we walked to the next competition venue. We grabbed some food on the way, ate, and then started rehearsing (again) – two whole hours before the competition started!

We practised in a small chapel, did plenty of intonation exercises, and went over beginnings and endings of sections of the piece. Before long, the competition started, and we went into the main hall of the church – a grand, ornamented, wonderous place in all honesty. After the first group performed we grabbed our instruments, which we had perfectly tuned beforehand, handed the score of the Schubert to the Adjudicators, and set up.

Doing chamber music from memory is unconventional to say the least, and when we placed our stands to the sides of the stage we got some chuckles from the audience. There was only one piano stool (cellists tend to prefer sitting on an adjustible piano stool as opposed to a chair) so I had to sit on a chair which, in truth, was far too low for me to sit on. We checked our strings for tuning. We were all out of tune ever so slightly. This really took us by surprise, however we tuned fairly quickly, checked everyone was okay and calm, then played.

The performance was a bit shaky, even though everyone said it was a fantastic performance, and there were a couple of memory slips from a couple of us; however the music went on regardless and seemingly these mistakes were undetectable. We received enough applause for three bows, and then the Adjudicators came up to our group and said “We’re speechless”. It was very exciting – we really didn’t think that we were that good!

After they had asked us a few questions, such as “Where do you study?”, “How long have you been playing together?” and “Will you be doing all fifty-five minutes of the piece by memory?”, we sat down and watched the last group (there were only three groups as the other six had withdrawn!) perform. In all honesty, this trio of musicians were outstanding. They played this practically unknown “Fantasy Trio” for Clarinet, Cello and Piano. They were all post-grad music students, and their performance was very refined indeed.

In the end, the trio and our Quintet were both given an “Outstanding” mark by the Adjudicators, however the trio received the medal. We all agreed that our performance was far from perfect. In truth, little things can throw you off your game. In this case, the surprise of our instruments being out of tune after we had tuned them was probably the thing was distracted us. That being said, my advice to all musicians performing chamber music is this:

Always remember that you are playing music.

Music is expressive art at the height of its glory.

In the end, everyone has to express themselves when playing music.

Feel the connection with your fellow musicians.

There is a known phenomenon amongst musicians:

When you cut out all your visual senses,

(Which take a lot of energy from the brain),

Your other senses take over, and are heightened,

If you can feel this all the time you have entered a whole different realm of music-making,

And I assure you that you will never feel the same about music again.

End-of-week Music-making

Hello everyone! Today I have had a really amazing day, possibly the best I’ve had all year. I had a Schubert String Quintet rehearsal from 12.30-7.30pm today. By the end, we said that we could have gone on for twice that.

It was really sunny today in Edinburgh – quite extraordinarily so actually. We were slow to start the rehearsal, so we properly started at about 1pm in the Chapel which is amazing to play chamber music in. Because we knew we had ages to rehearse, we decided to take loads of time to do intonation warm-ups as a group, and we did scales in C and Db Major (the two main key signatures of the Schubert String Quintet), whole tones scales in both of those keys, and then chordal whole tone scales (which are fantastic to warm up with).

We rehearsed mainly the 3rd movement, as we have a lunchtime concert and a competition in which we are playing the 3rd movement; however we did also play the 1st movement (ah, the joys). Anyways, we had plenty of breaks, lots of fun, and it was generally amazing!

The part I must tell you about is what happened in the final two hours of the rehearsal. We were doing the 3rd movement – the Scherzo (lively, fast and upbeat) and the Trio (slower, relaxed, sad but utterly gorgeous) – and a friend of ours who is doing the 1st movement came in to listen to our rehearsal. We decided to do both the lunchtime concert and the competition by memory, which is quite unconventional for chamber music; however this gives us an even better connection with each other which is ultimately what chamber music is all about.

When our friend had left we asked her to switch the lights off, and we played in total darkness, starting with the gorgeous Trio. We were so in our own world. With our eyes closed, we felt this “sixth sense” that is, in truth, possibly the most phenomenal thing about playing chamber music in the dark, and all of our entries that we would have usually looked at each other for were perfectly together! We were so into the music, we ended up going onto the Scherzo for the second time (it comes back to it after the Trio) and finished the piece, with only a few memory slips.

All in all, it was fantastic, and these “Schubert Saturdays” will certainly be happening again soon.

Out-and-About of Shape, with Schubert

I haven’t been for a run in weeks! If I don’t run, I start to feel very self-conscious about my weight as I don’t do any other exercise other than walking everywhere. I’m not fat – in fact I’m quite tall and skinny – however it’s just the whole self-confidence aspect that’s causing me problems right now. Unfortunately I don’t have suitable running shoes at the moment as my previous ones have lost the spring in the sole from use. It’s quite funny as most of my friends think I’m crazy in that I like running the most out of any kind of exercise or sport (although I love tennis as well).

I’m generally not a sporty person, mainly because I don’t like the competitive aspect of it. I hate conflict and disputes. Running, on the other hand, can easily be both, and I go running to free my mind and relax myself. When I go running with friends, it’s a nice time too, primarily because of the laughs we have as one of our number starts complaining about getting out of breath.

Recently I started swimming again, although I have bad knees sometimes which means that it’s painful to kick in the water repeatedly. I like swimming lengths on days when I can (i.e. when I don’t have knee pain); however because I’m out of practice I get tired more easily than I previously would. This may seem a stupid thing to be worried about but it’s had a knock-on effect on my confidence, because when I go swimming with my friends I see them zooming up and down the pool and it makes me feel so a) useless and b) unfit. However, I was initially confused about why this was as well, because I’ve got good stamina for running and I barely get out of breath. Confusing…

So, my two goals for these next couple of weeks are:

  1. Get new trainers for running – vital that I get back to running regularly to maintain my confidence, relaxed mood, concentration capacity and fitness
  2. Stop worrying in the mean time!

Now for the music part of the post…

On Saturday I have a long day of rehearsals, which are actually completely voluntary and have been made just within ourselves. I have a band rehearsal from 10am till 12pm, in a new rehearsal space which is exciting! Then, after half an hour for lunch, I have several hours of Schubert String Quintet with four friends!

Ah, Schubert String Quintet – how amazing you are! If you’re not familiar with the Schubert String Quintet in C Major, you can find it here. It is, in all seriousness, a fantastic piece, so please listen if you’re at all interested!

I was talking to one of my best friends today (she plays 2nd Violin in our Schubert Quintet), and how she found the 1st Violinist, Violist and 1st Cellist (not me – I’m playing 2nd in this particular quintet) overwhelming. She is the only lady in the quintet, and is also the second youngest (after me – the youngest), so I can understand how she could feel overwhelmed. It’s also because of the intensity of the dedication that these three guys have to the piece – it’s always in the forefront of their minds. For us two, the Schubert String Quintet is perfection, however we love it – we’re not obsessed with it.

Sometimes in Schubert rehearsals I too feel overwhelmed. The other three guys take the lead of each rehearsal, ultimately making a larger impact on the decisions we make as a group. I contribute often, and my cello tutor is also our chamber music tutor for the Schubert Quintet, so I have been taught in such a way that means that my teacher and I have similar tastes in style. This means that when she comes in to guide the rehearsal once a week, contributions I make tend to be what she ould say. Theoretically this should save us a lot of time, doing things that sound better in advance; however the three guys also have different natural tastes, which means that they won’t initially think of a different way of doing it, even if my suggestions may ultimately sound better.

Goals in the next couple of weeks regarding Schubert are:

  1. See what I can do to make 2nd Violin’s and my suggestions more influential within rehearsals
  2. Gain a mini-score of the whole piece, and go through it with possible interpretations

As always I hope you all have a nice evening!

Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERFECT.

 It’s one of life’s pleasures when you experience something perfect, or something that has turned out perfect. As a musician and performer I always want a performance to turn out the best it possibly can, and this has rubbed off on other areas of my life as well.

For example, I am never quite satisfied with what I write, whether that be a blog post, a story or even a piece of music. I am my toughest critic. I can be quite the perfectionist – half measures aren’t good enough. I think this originated, it has to be said, when I started receiving large amounts of criticism from other children when I moved primary school, and has been something that has affected many areas of my life ever since, including confidence in myself, my abilities and my work. So when something turns out perfect it really must be perfect, because everything I do seems less adequate to myself than others might think.

Music gives me the greatest amount of liberty in life I think. When I play music, I am communicating with my audience, or even just to myself. I am speaking my mind through another language. Music is a language – it’s the language of emotion. There is so much more you can express through music, I find, than expressing things with words, and I use it largely for that purpose because it gives me vast amounts of happiness and enjoyment, as well as satisfaction.

I enjoy playing with friends in chamber groups because it’s like a perfectly harmonious conversation between players, and the more you perfect how you play the music (or the more you get it closer to how you want to express it) the more harmonious it becomes. I am generally not someone who is open with their deepest emotions, however this is a subtle way of digging deep into your heart and finding a way to say these things. That’s why I love music especially.

Recently I performed with four friends the 3rd movement of Schubert’s String Quintet for 2 Violins, Viola and 2 Cellos, in two concerts. The wonderful thing about this movement is that it has two contrasting sections – it starts with a joyous, fast-moving and extravagant Scherzo, which is in a major key, and then moves onto a fairly slow, relaxed, expressive and utterly beautiful Trio, and then it returns to the Scherzo for a fantastic ending. I strongly suggest it – you can find a YouTube video here. This recording is quite good, largely because of the communication between the players, although I’m not a massive fan of the cellists in this one – however the violinists and the viola player are fantastic, so it’s well worth the listen!

We have been carefully working on this movement for a few months now, and we are also doing the 1st and 2nd movements now, as well as entering the Edinburgh Competition Festival with the 3rd movement. I love playing chamber music, and writing chamber music too, all because I love the communication between players. Understanding that connection is the key to both writing and playing chamber music, and without it there would be no purpose I don’t think. As I felt when playing the Schubert above, chamber music is just perfect.

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Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ONE.

 There are so many people who I would love to read my blog. I have so many influences, and for different things too. For example, when I have written stories my biggest influences have been the fantasy giants – Tolkien, Le Guin, Gaiman and Pratchett are just some of these. Since I write on this blog, I suppose I would have to choose one of these people, however I think some mentions of my other influences in art and music composition would also be appropriate – you never know, I might choose one of them!

I have been composing music since I was eight years old, usually on a piano. The kinds of pieces I would write would often last no longer than three minutes, and would never be written down – all of it would be kept in my head. Growing up, I started to listen to some of the composer who today make up my favourites  – Debussy, Ravel, Mahler, Bach, Schubert and Prokofiev are a select few of these. All these people I would love to read my blog for sure, but for their sakes I’m not going to say I want one of these to be the one person who reads this blog – it wouldn’t be very interesting for them I don’t think.

Art-wise, René Lalique, Gaudi, Shaun Leane and Picasso are some of the artists whose work I adore. All of them are Art Nouveau-period onwards. Shaun Leane and René Lalique are/were both jewellery designers influenced by natural forms, even though their work differs greatly. Gaudi of course was the famous architect – Sagrada Familia is perhaps one of my favourite architectural designs in the world. I find Picasso’s Cubist work extremely interesting – the ‘broken mirror’ effect is one of my favourite ideas in art, and I’ve painted a lot using Cubist techniques. However, all of these people would also not be interested in my blog I don’t think.

earthsea 2
Cover art from the Earthsea books

Now, in true Spraffing style, who out of my extremely wacky and imaginative head would I have read this blog?

Five year old me? One of the characters in one of my stories or tales? I genuinely can’t decide – my blog seems so inferior to all the famous people, and it’s impossible for something that no longer exists or that has never existed to read it! Come on, think!

I’m going to have to say Sparrowhawk.

Archmage Ged, or Sparrowhawk as he is called most of the time, is more of a philosopher than a wizard – all he talks about throughout the books he belongs to (‘Tales from Earthsea’ by Le Guin) is ‘when it is right to use magic’, and ‘maintaining the balance of the world’. For me, out of the three wizards, he is the most wise. Indeed a wizard is a figure of power, but power

A picture of Sparrowhawk from the movie

through intellect, through wisdom. Perhaps then Archmage Ged is also the most powerful. He is a character who has experienced more than the average person – death, fear, pain, redemption, companionship, power, imprisonment, exile, and he becomes all the wiser for it. He, like me, strives to experience as much as possible throughout his life, by travelling further than any man has done, travelling back from the world of Death, even facing and levelling with dragons (who in the books are pretty much omnipotent).

Sparrowhawk is one of the three wizards, all of which are very different and conjure different types of magic. These three wizards are Gandalf, Sparrowhawk, and Dumbledore. These three wizards are so different, yet so wonderful in all their own rights. All of them are wise, all of them would make me feel safe if I was to encounter them. Yet, I think Sparrowhawk would have to be the one to read my blog.

This is art from the movie of the last Earthsea book
This is art from the movie of the last Earthsea book

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