Tips for a Better Blogging Experience

Some of us find the blogging experience quite stressful to keep up with – the constant need to write more and more posts for your needy readers. Perhaps you got caught up in the updraft of writing according to what you thought/think is your audience’s wants. It’s true – readers are the hungry, hungry caterpillars of the writing world, however you must find and use a bug net, otherwise you will fall prey to the beast that is the literate community.

I’ve found, after reading other blogs for my Daily Prompt post that I posted today, that there are some bloggers who, despite having been writing for their blogs for even a year or more, are unsatisfied with one of two things. One thing is the quality of their writing, and the second thing is the number of hits they’re getting. Here’s what I see:

  • Perhaps because the number of hits they’re getting is lower than they’d wanted, the bloggers will maybe think their writing style is not very good or maybe that their content isn’t very good either, therefore…
  • …the quality of their writing degrades because they are either trying to change aspects of their writing style or getting down about themselves or unmotivated, maybe because they don’t think they’re worthy writers (I find this is a tough aspect of amateur writing – the feeling as if you can’t compete with the professionals)

Let’s address this – every single one of us has a different writing style, which makes every single one of us strangely wonderful because we are all so unique! After the initial ‘getting to know your blogger’ phase, people will start reading and enjoying your content because it’s your content. The key word is ‘your‘! Blog hits, as I understand it, are not a direct result of your quality of writing, so don’t let that get you down. Lesser numbers of blog hits are often the result of other things like not using enough tagsnot commenting on other blogs enough, and not advertising yourself by using the Daily Post’s activities and workouts. So try doing those more and you never know – you could end up with more satisfactory numbers of blog hits!

Though that being said, we should all enjoy writing! We all must enjoy writing! I know I do! It can be quite hard at first, however you might need to focus in on enjoying writing, more for yourself, however doing this and concentrating less on setting personal deadlines will also favour the readers in the long run! So try my advice and dig deep to try to construct your “bug net” out of it – you can do it!

Since I lost this entire post due to some stupid glitch on my (aptly named) ‘craptop’, it would now be especially nice if anyone who uses this advice could share it and put a pingback thingy (technical term) on here to their blogs so I can see what and who my tips might be helping/just affecting in some way!

I have faith in anyone who needs it that they can get to where they want to be!